Councilor Di Gioia: « We will negotiate a series of easing measures, the region is doing everything it can and must. We will try to unlock the market quickly » LECCE – As part of a « collective control and exchange plan», and after a visit in Brussels by a delegation of Puglia in recent weeks, European Commission inspectors […]

Xylella, EU inspectors in Bari : Puglia region calls for ...

« The Xylella has also been found in Spain. So far, this is the fourth EU country where the bacteria presence was established. And according to reports circulating in Brussels, the fifth could be Greece. At this point, the European Commission cannot continue to close its eyes to the obvious: Xylella is endemic and must be treated. The harmful and […]

Xylella also in Spain. EU changes strategy and measures.

  The Olive Tree, the new movie by Icíar Bollaín and co-written by Paul Laverty, takes us on the journey of a young woman across Europe in search of a majestic thousand-year-old olive tree. A beautiful social anthem that combines roots, heritage, family and ecology. Alma (Anna Castillo) is a young, impulsive, affectionate woman with a strong personality who is very […]

” The Olive Tree “, a beautiful social anthem that ...

The prefecture of Seyne-sur-Mer, in the Var, reported the identification of a new case of Xylella in the region. The bacterium was found on myrtle-leaf milkwort (Polygala myrtifolia) shrub. This is the second case discovered in the town, the first case was discovered late 2015. This new discovery is taken very seriously by the authorities. A new zone of 100m […]

A new case of Xylella fastidiosa discovered in the Var

  As part of the scientific research consortium Lubixyl (Biological Control against Xylella), the Tarandon laboratory and plant pathology laboratory of Gembloux developed a possible solution to eradicate Xylella fastidiosa. On 18 April, at a press conference, Prof. Haissam Jijakli of Gembloux Agro-Bio Tech and Prof. Jean-Paul Perraudin (Tarandon) presented the first results of their research, with the presence of […]

A zero pesticide Belgian solution against Xylella

  In October 2015, the European Commission launched a call for projects totaling 7 million euros, to find solutions for the urgent problem of the bacterium xylella fastidiosa. The consortium Lubixyl Innovations has decided to meet the challenge and submit his own project.   The call closed in February of this year. Five projects have been filled with the commission call. The […]

The call for projects from the European Commission following the ...

  Xylella fastidiosa is a bacterium that grows in plant sap channels. Deprived of sap, then the plant dries out. The bacterium is transmitted and dispersed by insects and infests different plant species (vines, citrus, Prunus, coffee, avocado, alfalfa, oleander, oak, maple, etc.), but it did attack nor animals, nor humans.   © MAXPPP Xylella fastidiosa killer bacterium of plants […]

What you need to know about Xylella Fastidiosa